Health and Wellness

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Behaviour is the most important determinant of health. Study by Centre for disease control and prevention states that behaviour accounts for 50% of impact on health.

Impact Factors effecting health
  • Physical health – musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes are the largest contributors to absenteeism and disability. Every 7 minutes a Canadian has a heart attack and every 10 minutes a Canadian has a stroke
  • Mental Health issues are responsible for between 30 – 40% of disability costs
  • 30-40% of those who are receiving medical treatment will not comply with plan
  • Rising use of drugs to treat depression – 1981 31.4 million scripts in Canada …2008 $1.2 billion


Design a benefit solution that enables people to manage their health. Costs are managed through a design that provides the right programs that enable employees to manage health. Our health and wellness solutions begin with an understanding of drugs use, disability, EAP and other initiatives that provide insights into health issues. We then work with suppliers who are best at designing solutions that address and resolve through a focus on support. At MultiCare we integrate the programs to maximize the value and reduce costs.

With increasing prevalence rates of chronic disease including mental health, cancer, diabetes employers must maximize the existing inventory of programs before investing in new ones. The MultiCare Group specialty is maximizing on existing programs.